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Please feel free to see some of our work and learn a little more about our services and common questions customers have.

Why choose BOSS BROWS?

We are fully dedicated to the satisfaction of our clients. We don't believe in rushing a consultation or procedure, we want to make sure you get the vision for your brow that you desire!

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We hope this section will help to answer some of your questions, if not, please feel free to contact us directly.

  • What type of maintenance or care is needed?
    Depending on your proceedure, we will go over all of the care instructions and maintenance (touch-ups) you can anticipate.
  • What is permanent Make Up?
    Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that is semi- permanent. We use this technique to produce realistic looking eyebrows, as a means to offer fullness, style, shape to the eyebrows. This technique is used with a tattoo machine, we are using light pressure to build up pixels or hair strokes throughout the eyebrows. (numbing cream is included throughout the entire session to ensure you're comfortable!) Since we are using a tattoo machine it is more gentle for your skin then Microblading is, overall your results last longer with machine work as its less invasive to the skin. This proceedure is especially effective for particularly in people who have thinning or lost eyebrows due to old age, disease, such as alopecia totalis, chemotherapy, or a genetic disturbance, and to disguise scars and hypopigmentation in the skin such as in vitiligo.
  • How long does it last?
    Depending on your proceedure, lifestyle and other general factors Ombre or Hybrid Brow: You can expect your permanent make up brow to last between 2-3 years Brown Lamination: This lasts 6-8 weeks but may last longer or shorter depending on lifestyle factors. Lashes: 6-8 weeks depending on your lash cycle, during your lash cycle you always loose some eyelashes and that's normal for everyone. If you see some curled lashes and some lashes are straight you may have just had your lash cycle! Teeth Whitening: After your 60 minute Glamour session the results will last up to 12 months depending on a few factors such as you're an avid coffee or wine drinker as well regular use of nicotine. I do recommend the Express Whitening Treatment every 6 months to maintain your bright smile!
  • Does lamination work with brows that are not full?
    Yes they do, during your Brow Lamination your eyebrow hairs are relaxed, helping your eyebrows to appear more full. Covering any gabs as well relaxing stubborn curly hairs. 
  • How can I prepare for my upcoming appointment for semi permanent brows?
    Avoiding blood thinners 24 hours before service this includes alcohol, Tylenol, Advil, ibuprofen & all caffeine such as tea, pop, coffee etc. Taking blood thinners before getting your eyebrows done can cause bleeding which then pushes the ink out of the skin. Overall you will be much happier with the results avoiding all these things!
  • Does it hurt?
    No, I use a 5% lidocaine that numbs your skin and reapply during the service to ensure comfort! During your session we will re apply the numbing cream several times.
  • Credentials/Training
    I have 5x Certified in Permanent Makeup, as well certified as an eyebrow specialist! I also am certified in Teeth Whitening.
  • Does this procedure affect my eyebrow hairs/do you remove my natural eyebrows.
    As an artist I work with what I have and utilize your natural beauty and eyebrow hairs. This procedure does not affect the growth of your hairs or pull any eyebrows hair out at all!
  • How do I find the eyebrow shape for my clients?
    Brow mapping helps me to create symmetry between both eyebrows using a pre inked string. Using this technique it helps me to find the shape that will suit your face and symmetry. I then draw the eyebrows in with the shape I have made with the inked string. I always communicate back in forth with my client regarding the shape and size so we can perfect them to your liking!
  • Are you Certified in Teeth Whitening?
    Yes I am!! I got certified at the Esthetic Institute in Calgary.
  • Tell me more about the Teeth Whitening services you provide
    I provide 2 Teeth Whitening Treatments The Glamour Whitening Treatment is a 60 minute full whitening session, During this session I provide all my clients with a consultation & aftercare. A gum barrier is provided to help reduce any sensitivity during your session. Expect the teeth to lighten 5-10 shades lighter (results vary on your current teeth stains) I lighten your teeth 3 times in 20 minute intervals. This service will give your dramatic whitening results! The Express Whitening Treatment is a 40 minute whitening session, consultation & aftercare is provided as well a gum barrier. I recommend this treatment for clients that already have a semi white smile or is looking for more of a maintenance. None the less your results will be amazing!
  • how can I prepare for my lash lift?
    I recommend coming in without mascara on! You will want to avoid getting your lashes wet for 24 hours to ensure the best results possible. After 24 hours you can wear mascara over your lash lift if you'd like.
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